Tuesday, April 12, 2016

And here is the project in its final form! Notice the checkered flag? It's hooked to a servo and leans to indicate who wins each round. If my video camera were working, I'd add video. Hopefully soon! I know you're dying to see how it actually functions!

Box lid design. Looking more finalized.

What do I have on hand to make the hand-held buttons? Walgreens pill bottles should work! But they're kind of ugly.

How about if I wrap them in pipe insulation! Perfecto!

Doesn't this wiring look better? I custom cut new wires after everything seemed to be going well. A speaker gets added to the wiring (not shown). Speaker to beep for counting purposes and special in-game sounds.

Hey,...sweet idea! Mount it all on top of a Frango Mints box!

Even sweeter idea??? Mount all of that inside a chocolate box!

Hey, the LCD actually is working! I must have done something right.

My rough wiring is in place.

The LCD wiring is a little confusing if you don't look closely. See how 1-GND is on the left in text, but the pin is actually on the far right?

Testing some push-button wiring. The process begins!

Beginnings of an idea

My goal is to create an interactive electronic game where two people are able to play head-to-head. I will create hand-held buttons for player input and will also implement use of an LCD screen to give users feedback as to their progress in the game.  I anticipate the coding will be the trickiest part of this project. I'll keep you posted!


Game will beep 10 times at an interval to be determined by a random number. (between 250-1000ms). RandomSeed will be introduced to create an even better random interval.

After 10 beeps, players continue counting next 60 intervals in their heads (game goes silent). When a player believe the next 60 intervals have passed, they hit their button. After both players have hit their button, results are calculated.

Time (in seconds, with 2 decimal places) is displayed on the LCD. Player closest wins the round. Play continues for 5 rounds, or until a player reaches a score of 3. Player with 3 is declared the winner!