Monday, May 16, 2016

Arduino-Controlled Drum

Yet another project that I want to bring to life. An Arduino-controlled drum! I have been inspired by various online posts and wanted to give it a try.

A colleague loaned me an old tom-drum. I plan to outfit this with drumsticks pivoted with door lock actuators (the ones they use for cars). A slightly higher-current DC power supply will be necessary being these little guys are fairly power hungry (something like 3.5A each).

I will program the Arduino with various drum beats which will be user-selectable via a potentiometer.

How about some good old analog user interaction added in? Nearby, I will place found items such as pots/pans to be used as "instruments" with a separate set of drumsticks for the viewer to jam along with the electronic drum.

Okay, this is my initial plan. Let's see how it pans out! (did I just say that?)

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